Shutter Tours Re-Design

I was hired by Shutter Tours to help increase their conversion rates. Their previous site wasn't mobile friendly and their mobile traffic had increased 50% for the previous year. We took a responsive approach and their conversion rates increased by 30% in the first three months and they increased their sales by almost 50%.

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Shutter Tours Homepage

Penn State Lunar Lions Initial Design

The Penn State Lunar Lions are developing a rocket to land on the moon. I was tasked with designing a layout to showcase their eight episodes about the project.

Lunar Lion Homepage

Thank You PSU

I was asked to design a simple one-page site that would allow students to upload a video of appreciation for Penn State's Alumni Association. I developed this to be mobile friendly as well as have the ability to capture video by either a mobile device or a desktop computer.

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Thank You PSU Homepage

Penn State CSATS Re-Design

Penn State's Center for the Sciences in Schools asked me to re-design their site to bring a fresh look as a resource for K-12 teachers.

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CSATS Homepage

Expedia National Parks Promo

I was tasked with creating an interactive map of the United States that people could click through to various national parks. Some parks were considered "featured" while other parks were just to be dots of the location. This was done with a fake grid overlay that was generated with Javascript and then the parks were plotted on the map with coordinates.

I was also tasked with pulling in dynamic blog content with their "National Parks" tag which we were able to do through a simple JSON call. All code will be repurposed for future projects.

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Expedia National Parks

Expedia Interns Page

Expedia decided to run a campaign called "The Interns" which included video and social media integration as well as a way for people to ask questions concerning travel. This was to drive younger people to their site to book trips as well as inform users how they could get better deals while traveling. I did the coding of this page utilizing internal development tools. I did not do the design.

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Expedia Urgency service test

Expedia Urgency Service A/B test

We ran a test that called the urgency service to show how many people were currently viewing the deal that the user was viewing to create urgency to purchase. this test also included user click tracking to see how users were interacting with the test and where they were clicking to. The test has not been called yet as a winner or a loser

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Expedia Urgency service test


Penn State Learning Design Re-Design

Penn State Learning Design asked me to re-design their current site to bring a fresh look and understanding to what they do. Penn State Learning Design is responsible for putting courses online for Penn State's online school.

Learning Design Homepage

Sandy Erwin Massage Re-Design

Sandy hired me as a freelancer to re-design her website which was lacking usable navigation and easy updating. This site was developed with Mojo Motor so she could easily update her site from the front-end without having to mess with templates.

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Sandy Erwin Homepage

Penn State World Campus Course Page Design

I was asked to design a layout for Penn State World Campus courses that would allow multiple navigation types as well as keeping "mobile first" in mind. We were able to come up with a cleaner design that focuses on the content, rather than the navigation. This has yet to be implemented in code.

WC Course Homepage

Penn State Course Delivery Platform

the group I work for was asked to design and develop a course delivery platform that would make it easier for faculty to produce online courses. We used an internal HTML5, responsive framework as well as [Sass] to scale templates. This is currently in development but we have one course that is currently live.

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Course Platform Homepage

Brite Shine Re-Design

Brite Shine hired me as a freelancer to re-design their current website as well as help with building landing pages for specific cities and services to help with their Google rankings. Overall, we were able to increase their conversion rate my 25% and saw an increase of 50% more traffic than the year before.

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Brite Shin Homepage

30% Designer

My passion for music sparked my interest in design and I kind of fell into web design by accident. I have worked as a front-end web designer for over seven years and I enjoy learning about how to make the web a more enjoyable experience.

</70% Coder>

My passion for coding stems from a fascination of manipulating colors and flash projects that I developed in college. I’ve come a long way since those days. Check out some of my coding projects below.

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